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Part 2: Remembering Drue Leblanc, who died from Kidney Disease after saving thousands in Katrina

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Doug Bienvenu and his fiance, Drue LeBlanc. Doug Bienvenu and his fiance, Drue LeBlanc.

it's been almost 10 years since hurricane katrina swept through new orleans and took nearly two-thousand lives.


as we brought you last night…it could have been thousands more if it weren't for the courageous citizens who took it upon themselves to save others.

one of those rescuers from breaux bridge recently lost her own life.

and now a documentary will be dedicated in her name.

our kari beal has more on the documentary and the woman who cared so much for those in need.



newspapers, books and now a documentary, the cajun navy, tell the story of a courageous couple from st martin parish who used their air boat to rescue those stranded after hurricane katrina

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(doug bienvenu)

we took the time to write who was in my boat, where we picked them up and it was a hard thing to do

director of the cajun navy, allan durand says without them thousands more would have been lost


"if they weren't there, it would have been like hiroshima or nagasaki there would have been thousands of people dead all over the place."

doing it all out of the kindness of their hearts

(doug bienvenu)

we didn't ask for a book or documentary, we just did it with our own money.

doug's fiancee.....drue leblanc was battling kidney disease at the time but put her own illness aside to help save the lives of others


it's unbelievable the strength and motivation she had

strength that pushed her through nine more years


she said that this year she was going to go and i said, what are you talking about

october 2014 drue died....


she felt really good about herself. she said she felt like she accomplished something

and helped those around her make an impact as well.


i'd love to tell her that i love her, i miss her dearly, and thanks for the difference that she made in my life. she made me a better person.

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