Congratulations on deciding to give YOURSELF the gift of health! 

This 12-week program was designed by local trainer and dietician Dawn Foreman based on guidelines and suggestions offered through the American Heart Association's Better U Program.  Its goal is to assist you in discovering how your body responds to foods, and establishing healthy eating and exercise habits that will last a lifetime and get results!   When it comes to any program in which you commit to make positive lifestyle improvements, you are in charge of your decisions each day and your decisions guide you to success or failure.  You are in control of what you put in your mouth, not the food.  You are in charge of how you feel each day and how your day will be. The point of the program is to give you a healthy heart; losing a few pounds and inches is a REALLY motivational side benefit!

To do list before starting:

1.  Make sure you are healthy enough to start the program.  Check with your doctor.
2.  Read through each week's documents before the new week begins on Monday*.  PLAN!  You may want to print them out. There will be three components:
   -- Success Strategy (This is very important to help you stay on track!)
   -- Nutrition Strategy (This tells you what foods to avoid or add in each week.)
   -- Training Strategy  (This tells you how and how much to MOVE!)
3.  Results Page-- Print this out and take the measurements you can before you start to keep track of your progress.

*You can pick whatever day you like as your start day. Whatever day it is, make it the same each week.


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