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Feb 5, 2014 7:58 PM by Kari Beal

Zoo-zoom celebrates 12th anniversary

Zoo-zoom is celebrating its 12th anniversary. This nonprofit organization rescues exotic animals while also hosting a traveling petting zoo. Founder Lori Matte explains it began with a kudamonday named Katie. The animal was illegally brought into Texas from South America. Matte took in Katie after she was taken away from the owner. She feared this exotic animal could have been shot if left in the wild.

"I heard in North Louisiana some capybara's getting out and the hunters were shooting them and eating them," Matte said. "They told me what they taste like."

After taking this animal in twelve years ago Lori Matte started Zoo-Zoom, "A Little Zoo on Wheels."

"One of the good things we do is we educate that this is a pet," Lori's husband Brett Matte said while holding a snake. "We didn't go out in the wild and catch it. We know that it is non-venomous, how do we know? Because we know our snakes,"

Zoo-zoom hosts shows for children and adults, but they also give opportunities for adoption. Lori Matte explained exotic animals are a lot of responsibility. She said it's important people do research before buying a pet, but with the right amount of love, these pets can be like family.

"Katie is our baby girl, even our grown kids like her," Lori Matte said.

Zoo-zoom takes in exotic animals that are abused, neglected, orphaned or unwanted. They do not take animals from the wild.

To learn more about adopting an animal, donating money or inviting Zoo-Zoom to your home log onto their website here or on Facebook.

Brett and Lori Matte have also started a human help entity for those going through rough financial times. More details here.



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