Nov 17, 2009 12:19 PM by Jon Carrere

Youngville Residents form Neighborhood Watch

Residents of the Youngsville neighborhood Holliday Gardens have a real problem with traffic, theft, and property damage.

Those residents came together to figure out what can be done to curb these problems.

They met with both Lafayette Sheriff's and city police tonight about forming a neighborhood watch.

Both agencies say the only way they can stop the problem is by coming together as a community.

In July two Holiday Gardens residents Dennis Arabie and Mary Barron were talking about similar problems they were having.

Some of their neighbors have had items stolen from their propert.

In some cases people have been in homes and stealing things from garages and from cars.

After hearing similar stories from other people in the community, they took it upon themselves to start a research team.

With information in hand, they contacted law enforcement about their growing problem.

After input from members in the crowd, and back and forth with law enforcement, residents are optimistic about things improving in their neighborhood.
If you are having similar problems in your neighborhood police and sheriff say first call 911 for emergencies.

If you are having non-emergency "quality of life issues", you can Lafayette Police at 291-8600.

If you live outside city limits call the sheriff office at 236-5657.


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