Feb 15, 2011 8:29 PM by Shawn Kline

Youngsville TESI Customers: Black Water keeps rolling

Residents in one Youngsville neighborhood want cleaner water but say their water company - Total Environment Solution Incorporated... or TESI is doing nothing to help.
"I have gotten black water before," Bridget Chou said.
Down the street, another resident, Danny Williams says he's tired of replacing water filters that are supposed to last him for months.
"Filter life is 3 months plus," he said citing the directions on the package.
He replaces them every other week and blames TESI for not supplying clean water.
"It's not getting any better." Williams says, "it's only getting worse."
KATC's Shawn Kline watched Danny replace his water filter.
"It only took about 45 seconds to turn a perfectly white filter into an (orange color)," Kline noticed.
We took that concern to a local expert; asking him if he's seen anything like this.
"Not that orange." David Hamlett says, "not that fast, no."
Hamlett has worked at Coburn Plumbing Supply for nearly 30 years and he says this is one of the worst cases he's seen.
"They have a real bad rust problem or they have too much chemicals in the line," Hamlett said.
Complaints are coming from at least one neighborhood in Youngsville;Windy Meadows.
"When you see stuff like that in your water, you don't want to put it through your body," Chou said.
TESI's services are regulated by the state and the company provides water to other communities and other states.

Wednesday, received reaction from TESI Services' C.E.O. Bill Schoening. He says they did get some complaints, so he got an independent assessment and made changes to the chemical feed pumps and phosphates.

He says they've not received any complaints since then, two months ago.


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