Nov 28, 2012 8:14 PM by Kristen Holloway

Youngsville Construction Project

A major road construction project is about to get underway in Youngsville, which will affect commutes for the next 8-9 months.
At issue: A project to widen and resurface Bonin Road and Chemin Metarie. Those are the two major through fares in the city of Youngsville. According to DOTD, the goal is to increase safety on those roads but the big question is how will traffic be affected?
It all starts in less than two weeks on December 10th and except for occasional and temporary road closures, one lane of traffic will get by during the majority of work.
Here's how it all works out: One lane of Bonin Road will be open for traffic traveling North from the Highway 92 Intersection to Windcreek Lane. On Chemin Metairie, one lane will be open for Southbound traffic from Kirkwood to the Highway 92 Intersection and Veteran's Memorial round-a-bout. Commuters are advised to plan trips in accordance with these new traffic patterns. Access to Ernest Gallet Elementary school from Chemin Metairie will be affected drastically.
"A lot of us we are going have to go a different route which means we will have to do half of our route and maybe go the city and come back and do the other side but a lot of us drivers actually have kids on Chemin Metatire so there is no choice but to wait in traffic," said Youngsville City bus Driver
Drivers are encouraged to be extra careful while passing through these construction sites. Construction is expected to be completed in August 2013.


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