You Gotta Move

Mar 9, 2011 9:23 AM by Tracy Wirtz

You Gotta Move- Sleep Well!

BIG NEWS: There will be a networking social for You Gotta Move Goes Red participants on Friday, March 18th from 5:30 until 7 at Heart Hospital of Lafayette. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and find out how your fellow participants are doing. The scale and tape measures will be available. We will also have some interesting teas and treats available for sampling. You can find out how green tea can help toward your weight loss efforts, too! I will be there and hope to see you there... Tracy

If you need permission to sleep, here it is! Dr. Matthew Abraham with the Lourdes Sleep Disorders Center reminds us that we spend (or should spend) 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Sleep is as important to our health as eating right and exercising. EFFECTIVE sleep is the key. Dr. Abraham defines effective sleep as going to sleep fairly quickly, cycling through the sleep stages without a lot of interruptions related to breathing or other medical or environmental conditions, and waking up rested. Studies have shown that not getting restful sleep can cause serious health issues like high blood pressure and heart problems, and can even hinder weight loss efforts. Many things can contribute to your not getting a restful night's sleep like anxiety, pain, something in the environment (like a snoring partner or tossing child in the bed), restless limbs or sleep apnea. If you don't have a medical issue which should be treated by a physician, Dr. Abraham prescribes good "sleep hygiene" which includes simply sticking to a routine before bed. Do the same thing each night: dim or turn off the lights, don't do or watch anything too exciting, brush your teeth, set up a good environment for sleep. Surprisingly, Dr. Abraham says sticking to a "wake-up" time is very important. He says the clock in our brain and body are more focused on when we get up. So even if you don't sleep well, it is important to get up even if you are tired. That will allow you to get to sleep the next night and get a better night's sleep. In terms of naps, Dr. Abraham says if you feel you NEED to take a nap, don't sleep longer than an hour or you will not sleep well at night and that will throw off your sleep patterns... Exactly what you don't want to do. So sleep... And sleep well! It's as important as moving!!!


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