You Gotta Move

Nov 24, 2010 10:13 AM by Tracy Wirtz

You Gotta Move Beats The Drum!

When you are talking about heart health, your goal for moving should be 150 total minutes of moderate exercise per week. We've been introducing you to some interesting ways to move, and this week, KATC's Tracy Wirtz is moving to the beat. It's basically aerobics and incorporating the rhythm of the drums and it is a great workout called simply drums! They use stability balls, drum sticks and the step... you're getting a total body workout. And then there's the whole stress relief component. You can get frustrations out on it because you are beating the ball with drumsticks. Caulette the instructor says she loves teaching the class and that anyone of any age can give it a try. Be aware that there is minimal impact on your knees and back as there is in any typical aerobics class. But you can modify to adjust for such limitations. And it was a lot of fun moving for this one!!! Don't forget to let Tracy know what you'd like to see or know about in future editions of YOU GOTTA MOVE!!!


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