Dec 23, 2011 4:56 PM by Elizabeth Hill

Woman gets Gift of Hearing

The familiar sounds of Christmas are something many of us probably take for granted, but for Shelly Cormier, they're sounds she's only just now able to appreciate

"Everyday, I hear new sounds i really didn't know existed"

Cormier has struggled with profound hearing loss in her right ear since she was a child. Several months ago, she underwent surgery for a Baha hearing implant, which Dr. Barrett Alldredge says is designed to process sound directly rather than simply amplify it.

"It's not a hearing aid, it's a hearing processor. It picks up hearing sounds and transmits them straight into the bone."

After a three month process, Cormier left the doctor's office for the last time, able to hear clearly for the first time.

"We got in the truck, got ready to leave, got us something to drink. I went to open the straw, I could hear the paper tearing."

After so many years of struggling to hear conversations and everyday sounds, Cormier says the difference is life changing

"It was and still is very emotional. It gives you a new confidence to actually be able to hear when people talk to you. It's a wonderful Christmas present."



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