Jan 19, 2011 11:34 PM by Shawn Kline

Williams: Durel, Hardy, Fuselier "lied" about LHA

Former Lafayette City-Parish Councilman Chris Williams making accusations after auditors release their report on the Lafayette Housing Authority.
Williams was accused of double-dipping because he held a full-time job at UL and was contracted to work full time with HUD's Disaster Housing Assistance Program.
However, Williams said that contract was with his non-profit agency. So, he was never required to do all that work.
Now he's fighting back; accusing those who spoke-up of being "liars." But those "liars" have a different story:
"The taxpayers at the end of the day are getting ripped off and short changed," Representative Rickey Hardy said.
"His anger is probably misdirected." City-Parish President Joey Durel says, "he's a little confused right now."
"It's asinine, it's ludicrous!" LHA Commissioner Donald Fuselier laughed, "it's ridiculous and any other words I can think of!"
Hardy, Durel and Fuselier weigh-in on an interview with former housing authority Case Manager, Chris Williams.
"I'm being punished as a small business in southwest Louisiana as having an agency that provides services because Joey Durel, Rickey Hardy and Donald Fuselier pushed it that way in the beginning." Williams accused the three of "lying." "(They) put me under a criminal investigation for double dipping when that is not the case."
"The auditors say he had 91 overlapping hours where he claimed he was working with the DHAP program." Fuselier says, "but he was also at UL (working)."
"The proof is in the pudding," Hardy said pointing to the auditor's report. "He's the liar!"
According to the report, auditors say the housing authority issued a laptop, a cell phone and even paid training for Williams but not his employees.
"His anger seems to be directed at the wrong place," Durel said of the interview with Williams.
Hardy stood by his previous statements saying, "a thief by any other name is still a thief."
"This is not the end," Williams said during the interview. "This is only the beginning for me."
A prelude to more of a heated verbal war between Williams and the trio of Hardy, Fuselier and Durel.


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