Nov 20, 2003 11:49 PM

Why advertise with KATC?

KATC sales staff is dedicated to growing our customers' businesses.  Advertising on KATC offers many benefits to you and your business.  Broadcast television is the most powerful medium with features such as sight, sound, emotion, and motion. 

In addition, KATC offers local news, weather, and sports.  Our professional sales team is committed to understanding the needs of customers, offering customized presentations, giving creative ideas, providing industry information, researching specific categories and trends, finding solutions, and knowledge through training and experience. 

KATC offers our customers an award-winning creative services team which works with customers on the entire production process: conceptualization, scripting, shooting, and editing commercials as well as special projects. 

KATC's sales account executives want to learn about your company's goals and help in target marketing to reach customers you want. 

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