May 28, 2010 12:08 PM by Kate Durio

Who's Killing Jennings? Part Five

Five years and eight unsolved murders. That's the focus of our week-long special report on "Who's killing jennings?"

For the first time ever, Criminal Psychologist Dr. Maurice Godwin gives his answer to that question.

In an exclusive interview with KATC Dr. Godwin describes why the killer kills. When he kills and what motivates him to commit these brutal, senseless crimes.

"This is a serial killer," says Dr. Godwin.

Dr. Godwin has conducted a behavioral profile of the man he says is responsible for the deaths of all eight victims. The profile is based on reports and information from the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office when he was hired to work on the cases.

In his offender behavioral profile, Dr. Godwin describes the killer as an affective, vehicle serial killer unable to control his aggression.... resulting in what Godwin calls "sudden blitz attacks."

He says it is a man, age 28 to 34, not from Jennings but familiar with the area. He says the killer may come to the area for seasonal work. Dr. Godwin says, when the killer is in Jennings is the key to revealing his identity.

"We are looking primarily Summer and Spring except for one in November, is when he is in the area in the Summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays primarily and two Sundays. This gives a strong indication that this guy is working on a seasonal job or possibly as a truck driver who has visits to the area on specific days during specific times," says Godwin.

"This anchor point that's in this map is a specific location, like an address, that i say the offender has some type of ties to. And it doesn't necessarily have to be where he lives at, could be like where his work is based out of, like a headquarters. He has some affinity, some type of reason to be visiting the Jennings area." says Dr. Godwin.

Dr. Godwin explains what law enforcement has going for them is the length of time since the last murder and that they possibly may have chased him out of Jefferson Davis Parish.

"The heat has gotten a little too hot for him in the Jennings, Jefferson Davis area, maybe. That means displace. That means move the murdering to another area because of the focus on the murders in the Jefferson Davis area," says Dr. Godwin.

As for how the killer lures his victims, Dr. Godwin says a killer like this can spot a vulnerable victim a mile away and knows just how to get them.

"This individual prays on vulnerable victims who he knows will usually not be missed. And also involved in the drug lifestyle. He uses drugs as a ruse as a lure to get the victims into his vehicle," says Dr. Godwin.

But to the residents of Jennings, Dr. Godwin makes a haunting prediction.

"I think we are due another murder in the next two months, especially in the next three months but if he maintains the same pattern that he's normally been killing at, we are due another murder, another missing girl in the next two months," says Dr. Godwin.

"There's a madness to this guy's motives," says Dr. Godwin.

-Written and Produced by Kate Durio





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