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Aug 19, 2014 8:13 PM by Dave Fields

White releases statement after judge grants injunction lifting Jindal's suspension

State Superintendent of Education John White issued a statement Judge Todd Hernandez granted an injunction lifting the suspension of Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) testing contracts:

"Today's ruling allows teachers and students to continue raising expectations in Louisiana. It enables our state to set its aspirations high and to compete with states across the country. Our students are just as smart and capable as any in America. We've been working for four years to teach them to the highest standards anywhere. Today's ruling continues that progress. In a letter sent this evening, I have communicated to Commissioner Kristy Nichols that our state's schools will continue their five-year transition to higher expectations and have asked the Administration's cooperation in that process," said White.

Hernandez's written ruling against Gov. Bobby Jindal in a Common Core lawsuit stated that the Jindal administration's suspension of LDOE contracts to purchase testing materials aligned to Common Core is harming parents, teachers, administrators and students.

The lawsuit brought against Jindal by a charter school organization, parents, and teachers alleged that Jindal overtepped his constitutional authority. LDOE joined the litigation against Gov. Jindal.

The contract suspension has stalled standardized testing plans for third-grade through eighth-grade students in Louisiana's public schools. The governor contends that he was well within his constitutional limits when he imposed the suspension.



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