Apr 17, 2013 12:04 AM by Erin Steuber

When will Wade Lohse be back inLafayette?

After 22 days on the run, Acadiana's Most Wanted is behind bars. Wade Lohse was arrested this afternoon, more than 1,000 miles away by U.S. Marshal's in Philadelphia.

Here in Acadiana, Lohse is facing several charges, including vehicular homicide in the death of Cacie Barras Mcgrew.

Lohse's criminal history dates back more than 22 years, and he has been arrested all along the east coast, and has even spent time as a fugitive before.

Tonight we're learning more about exactly how authorities honed in Lohse.

But now, it could be days, or even weeks before Wade Lohse is extradited back here to Lafayette. It all depends if Lohse waives his extradition, or fights it, which he has done in the past.

For three weeks agencies from Texas to Pennsylvania have been on the look out for Acadiana's Most Wanted Man, Wade Lohse. Now, he's spending the night behind bars in a Philadelphia jail.

"He was located in Philadelphia in the downtown area near a train station. We receive multiple tips throughout the last three weeks, and tips ultimately did provide significant information that led to his arrest," said U.S. Marshal Corey Britt.

Just last week, Lohse's vehicle was found in Salem, Virginia, and that's when Marshal's say there was a big break in the case.

"Not only did he not have his vehicle, he didn't have his Ipad, he didn't have his food, his camping gear and all that stuff," said Britt. "We gained the edge at that point."

Britt says the agency was looking everywhere, but because of his known ties to Philadelphia and New Jersey they focused some of their resources there.

"His criminal history obviously led us there and led us to investigate previous associates there," said Britt.

Once the extradition process is finished, Lafayette Parish Deputies will have to go to Philadelphia to bring Lohse back. When he returns, he will have a bond hearing within 72 hours.

As you recall, Lohse ran off from the Lafayette Parish Courthouse 3 weeks ago, just before his trial for vehicular homicide in the death of Cacie Barras Mcgrew.

Her family and friends released a statement to us today saying: "This has all been an emotional roller coaster for everyone that knew and loved Cacie. These past few weeks have been extremely difficult. Wade running away tore everyone's hearts back open. Now that he is caught, justice can be served for Cacie's death."


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