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Aug 2, 2012 6:51 PM by Steven Albritton

When Jindal Leaves State, He Must Transfer Power

Governor Bobby Jindal is in Aspen, Colorado right now. He's scheduled to fly to Washington D.C. Thursday night. He'll then fly to Florida on Saturday and then comeback to Louisiana Saturday evening. Many people are asking who's in charge when the the governor is gone.

"The constitution that was passed by delegates back in 1973 says specifically that if the governor is out of the state, then the Lt. Governor or next in line takes over," Former Secretary of State Jim Brown said.

He helped write this law into the State Constitution almost four decades ago. He believes it's vital for the transfer of power to happen whenever the governor leaves. 
Brown points directly to one of the most devastating natural disasters to hit the state.

"If anybody doubts that just look at Katrina where there was absolutely no communication in the city of New Orleans and all of south Louisiana for several days. Television stations were down, Radio stations were down, no cell phone," Brown says.

 Jindal's representatives say that "A note is sent out when the Governor leaves the state. The Governor remains the Governor wherever he is."

"I think Governor Jindal is saying he's always available by telephone. That's not the issue. What happens if the telephone doesn't work? Somebody's got to call out the national guard, someone's got to be there to respond to emergencies," Brown said.

The next person in line is Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne. Until recently though, he says he wasn't made aware when the governor left town. That changed once he made that statement to the media. Dardenne says he now receives a notice when Jindal leaves.


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