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Feb 14, 2013 7:57 PM by Akeam Ashford

What will happen to Creswell Elementary

No one knows what will happen now that Creswell Elementary in Opelousas will close on May 24th. Last Thursday the St. Landry parish school board voted to close the failing school after receiving notice the state of Louisiana will take over the campus. No one involved with the school knows what will happen with the students or teachers next year, but school board member Charles Ross says, "students from our school will not go on to another failing school."

Ross says the school board is dealing with a few "internal" problems of their own. He's says there is some racial tension on the school board that is made up of 13 members; seven white-six black. "when something racial comes up, there's a seven-six vote, and seven beats six any day." He does, however, say "we, the school board is committed to the schools success."

Christine Jones who teaches and has two children at the Creswell, says she doesn't know what will happen to her job come next school year. "Its hard sleeping at night, you don't know if you'll have a job anymore," says Jones.

Jones is a special needs teacher that says her relationship with her students is important. "These kids need us, I take them home with me every night," says Jones. She says she doesn't want her kids being labled as a failure after leaving Creswell.

Jones says she has not heard from anyone on the school board about the future of the school. She says she attends school board meetings, but says she still hasn't heard anything.

Jones and a fellow teacher say, "We are still proud to be a Mustang no matter what. There is no giving up, we're mustangs that run and we run to the end."



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