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Aug 3, 2011 11:28 PM by Shawn Kline

Welsh residents take crime fighting into their own hands

A pair of unsolved murders has many in the city of Welsh fearing for their safety.
The increase in crime has already caught the eye of State Troopers- who are now assisting Welsh Police.

Sgt. James Anderson says, "it's going to take time."0

Wednesday night, residents voiced their concerns with the way crime is handled.

"We can't depend on the police to do everything," one voice said.

Another listed all the crimes she has seen recently, "it happens all over!"

It all boiled over as the city of Welsh demanded more safety.
Jeff Wright called on officers from Welsh PD, the parish and even the state for this meeting, saying the murder of a 19-year-old babysitter last month was the last straw.

"I don't see how anybody can do an act like that." Wright says, "it's an indication of how far off the bean some of these people are- they have to be sick."

This string of shootings and murders in Welsh has some residents scared to even walk the streets but police say a little communication can go a long way.

"There's no doubt in my mind that some people saw who committed at least one of these crimes." Welsh Detective Lucky Delouche says, "we're asking these people to come forward."

Therein lies the problem; so far, no one is willing to tell police what happened.

"When you have violent men carrying guns and shooting in the streets, it's perfectly logical to be afraid," Wright said.

He says this could be the beginning of a neighborhood watch group and a revitalization of Jeff Davis Parish CrimeStoppers.
Wright says anything to make this town crime-free.

This was just the first meeting between law enforcement officials and residents. Both sides say they hope more meetings will follow to open communication between police and residents.



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