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Aug 30, 2011 10:55 PM by Shawn Kline

Welsh Police Chief: "Investigation of department: Possible."

"Anyone can accuse you of anything but it really needs to be resolved, it really does."

That's what Welsh Police Chief Tommy Chaisson had to say about some recent accusations pointed toward his officers.
Now, he says he's open to an investigation of his department.

This comes just over a month after a 19-year-old was shot and killed while babysitting in Welsh. His shooter remains a mystery; the second unsolved murder in Welsh this year.
Clarence Prudhomme has an idea why:

"They're afraid to report the incident." Prudhomme says, "by the time they hang up the phone, somebody's staring at them saying, 'yeah, you just called the police.'"

Another Welsh resident, Jim Wright says people just don't trust the police department. He says some are even accusing officers of leaking crime tips to suspects.

"There are multiple reports of all kinds about police information being leaked at the Dairy Queen." Wright says, "that's just unacceptable."

Police Chief Tommy Chaisson isn't buying it.

"That is furthest from the truth." Chief Chaisson says, "that has never happened and will never happen."

He says there's no proof of those accusations but he would be willing to launch an investigation--- if the city trusts him to.

"It's a shame when someone doesn't trust the police department." Chaisson says, "it's my job and my concern to get this (trust) back."

Wright says while there should be an investigation, more needs to be done to restore that trust in Welsh Police.

"Arrests, prosecutions, convictions, imprisonment," he listed. "That's what the people want to see."

Any government office can request an investigation of the Welsh Police Department and Chief Chaisson says he won't rule out making that request himself, if that's what the city wants.



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