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Feb 18, 2014 8:07 PM by Alex Labat

Welcome to the New ""

It was only a short time ago when you would visit KATC's website and you'd see this.

But thanks to some work under the hood, it now looks something like this.

And with the more than 5 million visitors just last year alone, any changes come with careful planning and consideration. The first think you'll notice at the top of the site is a new section. "Trending" stories are the stories that we're talking about in the newscasts, and that you're asking for.

We'll always keep you up to the minute with weather, and a hover of your mouse brings up the forecast at a glance.

We're also digging deep into individual parishes for hyper-local news. Just hover your mouse over the "news" section, and to the right you'll see all the Acadiana parishes we cover.

Back to the home page. See this button?

It will give you a "pop out" for those that enjoy our continuous news format, that gives you one list of everything we've posted all day long.

And if you've got mobile, don't worry. Adjustments we've made make our site more mobile friendly, so you can read, watch videos, watch live newscasts, and submit story ideas and pictures.



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