Dec 22, 2013 7:12 PM by Daniel Phillips

Weather Clearing and Cooling for Christmas

The conditions were right for a severe weather outbreak on Saturday, but luckily not all of the necessary ingredients were able to line up at the right time so for Acadiana the severe weather didn't quite materialize. 

There are a few different reasons that lead to storms losing some of their strength but one of the big factors is Acadiana's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. The cooler conditions of the Gulf result in some cooler air get injected into the storms. Thunderstorms thrive on warmth and moisture, so an increase in cool air can mean the downfall of storms. 

Unless the dynamics of the system are strong enough to overcome this cool air injection (Saturday they were not) Acadiana is often spared some of the violent storms you see elsewhere in the state. If you watched the radar on Saturday you would of noticed the storms were packing quite a punch as they came out of Texas and into Louisiana. By the time they reached Lake Charles, however, the storms started to break up and the convection wasn't as strong. 

This phenomenon can be witnessed time and time again, but it is tough to tell when the dynamics will overcome the cooler air so these systems must always be taken seriously. As we saw in north Louisiana the system delivered to some areas on its promise of severe weather with a few tornado warnings popping up Saturday afternoon. 

Now that the front has passed the weather will settle down for the holiday week. A shot of cold air is now making its way into Acadiana which means those hoping for a chilly Christmas will get their wish. Skies will be sunny through the majority of the week with the active weather now in our rear view mirror. 


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