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Jul 22, 2012 12:07 AM by Alex Labat

We Are Cajun

When one hears the word "Cajun", many who've grown up in Acadiana feel a sense of pride. The word conjures up good food, music, and above all, rich tradition. But that *may* not always be the case.

Allen Clements grew up in Lafayette but now lives in Pennsylvania, where ‘Cajun' means something else...perhaps in part to reality television.

Clements is looking to set the record straight...he's working on a documentary entitled "We Are Cajun". Clements's recalls that his move away from home helped sparked the idea for the movie by saying, "what happened is I'm up here in the northeast like 6 or 7 years ago moving out here..and I'm introducing myself as someone from 'South Louisiana' or 'Lafayette, Louisiana'. The next thing you know someone turns around and says "this guy's from New Orleans"! They don't know the difference."

Clements aims to not only educate people on with "We Are Cajun", but to inspire those who are Cajun to preserve their culture. In order to do so, and to land interviews vital to the documentary, Clements has until August 4th to raise 30 thousand dollars.

Clements hopes it the community can come together to help fund it, he says, "In my mind, I pictured this as 30,000 people donating one dollar, rather than one person donating a large the prize where we have my mother and I fly and cook a three course cajun meal."

In his mission to introduce true 'Cajuns' to the world...he's hoping his journey ends right where it premiering his film right here in Lafayette.
"This is going to get shown a whole lot of times in Acadiana, and i think a premiere in Lafayette would be...perfect."

Clements is still well short of his goal. You can click this link to visit the "We Are Cajun" Kickstarter page, where it lists how close the film is getting to being funded, as well as some of the rewards you get for donating. 



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