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May 26, 2011 7:26 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Water Over Ten Feet in Morgan City

Water is rising three to four inches every day in Morgan City. It's sitting just a little over 10 feet now, and officials are predicting it'll crest at 11 feet by Monday.

Resident Becky Michel said, "it's just disheartening when you look over and alligators and pools of fish, they aren't supposed to be here."

Greg Courtney added, "we are at least lucky we have this wall to keep it out of the city."

Mayor Tim Matte says the water levels aren't nearly as high as originally anticipated, however businesses and homes within the flood wall are under-water.

Morgan City Mayor Tim Matte said, "the big surprise is that we haven't seen much backwater. It's a pleasant surprise."

Some residents are concerned about water seeping through some parts of the wall.

Resident Andrew Michel said, "When I walk by the levee and see cracks-that's kind of scary."

Michel said, "I'm not alarmed because it see more water, but it isn't excessive."

Mayor Matte said he's seen water seeping from the wall is nothing new, but this time it's more pronounced because of the amount of water it's holding back.

He said, the Army Corp of Engineers came out and looked at the wall. A number of experts decided the small cracks wouldn't threaten the integrity, so it will be fixed after the flood waters recede.



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