Sep 19, 2011 7:16 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Waste Transfer Facility Being Built in Residential Area

How would you feel if a garbage collection company moved in next door to your house? It's happening on Sunbeam Drive in Lafayette Parish and resident's aren't happy about it.

Many resident's, like Carson and Shirley Boudreaux, have lived in the area for forty three years. They said it's been peaceful until they learned about their newest neighbor-the IESI Waste Transfer Station-moving in one street over.

Carson said, "we don't want trash in our neighborhood. Let's put it that way."

DEQ Environmental Science Manager, Ray Clement, said, "its a non-processing plant, basically they bring the trash haulers in and they transport to a larger containerized trucks."

Many residents are questioning if this is even legal, but officials said it is because the 16 acres of land is actually unincorporated.

Officials with the Department of Zoning, Planning and Codes said resident's approval is not required because the land was registered in the parish more than 14 years ago, before an ordinance was passed requiring public hearings.

"It's a loophole that they came and threw this to us," Carson said. "Now I'm telling you, I'm mad."

Carson said he's worried most about the stench the trash will leave in the air, and also the increased traffic.

"They are going to tear up the road, they are going to have 18 wheelers 24/7," he said. "There's no way that little road is built to handle those trucks."

Officials tell KATC the company still needs two permits to complete the project-a building permit and a drainage permit. Right now, the building permit is being reviewed by all departments within the Lafayette Conslidated Government and officials said the company is in the process of designing a drainage plan.



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