St. Landry

Apr 23, 2012 6:49 PM by Elizabeth Hill

Washington conducts pitbull roundup

Washington Police and Opelousas and St. Landry Parish Animal Control seized 14 pitbulls whose owners are not in compliance with a city ordinance.

"You have to have a 6x6 surrounded enclosure with a covered top and also retain a $100,000 insurance policy," says Lieutenant Travis Guillot.

Once the roundup started police say some residents were tipped off and actually hid their dogs in these woods, tied to trees.

Two dogs were found in the woods with huge, heavy chains around their necks and evidence of fighting.

"They are great dogs, but these types of breeds are used very often for fighting and this is what causes a lot of problems," says Guillot.

"My dog has never bit anything or nobody, she didn't bark at them."

Pitbull owners like Charline Rueben feel caught in the middle. Rueben kept her dogs in a large cage, with a padlocked door. She says the only thing she's missing---the $100,000 insurance policy.

"The insurance takes awhile, its not like buying a vehicle insurance at all it takes sometimes a month or two before anything can come through."

Rueben says her dogs are part of her family and fears she may not be able to meet the requirements in time to get them back.

"I feel like i'm fighting a losing battle."

The owners have five days to get in compliance and claim their dogs. If they fail to comply the dogs will be euthanized.



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