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Aug 26, 2014 7:59 PM by Valerie Ponseti

Washington chief of police election controversy

The two candidates for Chief of Police in Washington are accusing each other of providing misinformation on their applications for the election. They both say their opponent does not live in Washington, but outside of the city limits.

Living inside city limits is a requirement to run in the election. The incumbent, Chief "Bruce" Broussard, claims that is opponent Daniel Trent Sr., lives in Opelousas and not in Washington. Trent not only denies this accusation, but claims Broussard also lives out of bounds.

Trent says he lives in a house on West Vine Street in Washington. Broussard says this is not the case, adding that particular house doesn't have power or water.

"I'm here everyday. I see this, and my officers see it. Ain't no one living in the house and he knows that," says Broussard.

Neighbors on Vine Street agree they haven't seen anyone in the house.

"During that time I haven't known anyone to live there in this house, for perhaps years," says neighbor Eugene Randolph.

Family members of Trent say the Washington residence is the Trent "family" home. Broussard doesn't dispute that, but he argues that no one is living in it now. He claims his opponent lives in Opelousas, but Trent says these accusations won't stop him from running.

"I have nothing to hide. You asked me about the residence in Opelousas. That belongs to my wife and step children. It doesn't belong to me," says Trent.

Trent also says he believes the chief lives out of city limits. The chief says he has proof that he lives in Washington and records show she has filed for a homestead exemption there. The chief also says he is talking to an attorney and says he will do whatever it takes to get Trent disqualified.



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