Mar 11, 2014 2:51 PM by Dave Fields

WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS: City reburies unearthed dogs that began "popping out of the ground"

The mayor of Marksville reports that, thanks to last week's inclement weather, the city was forced to rebury a number of previously buried dogs that began "popping out of the ground" at the city's landfill.

The unearthed animals--including strays and already deceased animals--prompted a social media firestorm that resulted in multiple shared posts of rather unpleasant pictures depicting garbage bags and dogs in a landfill. The unearthed dogs, as posted on Facebook, can be seen below.

(Disclaimer: Disturbing viewer-submitted,Facebook photo below may not be suitable for some viewers.)

"We saw the water coming out of the ground, so we quit digging, put the dogs in, covered it up. But then, the ground is saturated and when all the terrestrial rains came, it was just so much rain, and there were that many dogs, they just started poppin' out of the ground," said Mayor John Lemoine in a KALB-TV interview.

The mayor, in the KALB report, informed viewers that the ground had been too wet when they first buried the dogs and other animals in garbage bags. According to the KALB report, any dogs that had been euthanized and buried at the landfill were kept for six to eight weeks while attempting to find the animals proper homes. The other dogs and assorted animals buried at the site, according to both the mayor and animal control officers, were roadkill animals.

Animal control officer Tammy Bailey said that the animal burials occur in a non-residential area behind a locked gate. Bailey advised KATC that most of the animals that came up as a result of the saturated ground were roadkill animals. According to Bailey, the animals buried included "dogs, cats, possums, armadillos, squirrels, an owl, and coons."

"It was just too wet when we buried them," Bailey said, referring to the animals she said had been buried prior to Feb. 20.

In an effort to provide the animals a proper burial, station KALB filmed the hammering of a cross atop the new grave site. Photos of the grave marker also have found their way onto social media sites.











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