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Oct 12, 2012 6:57 PM by Chris Welty

Voters to Decide on Gun Law Amendment

With only 25 days until election day, voters are gearing up to decide several amendments including one concerning gun laws.

It's amendment number two on your ballot and here is what it will do.

The amendment essentially changes the words of what's currently on the books. The proposed amendment still allows you to carry a concealed weapon but it takes away the possibility of laws restricting that right. The amendment also says the right to bear arms is fundamental and shall not be infringed upon.

Since 1996 Louisiana has had a concealed gun law on the books. Mark LeBlanc with Barney's Police Supplies says the amendment is important because citizens shouldn't have to fight in court about the weapons they carry.

"If the state has a sincere interest on why the right should be restricted or modified in any way, then the burden of should be upon the state or the government to show why this fundamental right should be restricted."

Political experts say if the amendment passes it won't restrict gun rights, it will help protect them. The amendment is also very specific not to over-rule fundamental rights and any changes to the law would go through strict scrutiny.

"It solidifies those rights to be protected from arbitrary, random government decisions," said LeBlanc.

If the amendment doesn't pass, LeBlanc says it will eventually negativiely affect their business.

"It leaves a door open. The problem is the door that could be open would severely restrict our citizens and the fundamental ability to protect themselves, their family and their property."

Eight other amendments are also on the ballot this November for a complete list you can click the link below.

Chris Welty



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