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Oct 9, 2012 10:52 AM by Chris Welty

Voter Registration Deadline is Today

A reminder, if you're not registered to vote, you have until the end of the afternoon today to do so.

Registering is as simple as logging onto geauxvote.com. After providing some simple information you can register to vote or update your voter information within minutes. In the past two months more than 5,000 people in Lafayette Parish have registered to vote.

"In Lafayette Parish alone the State of Louisiana will spend in excess of 100,000 dollars whether one voter participates or all 144,000," said Clerk of Court Louis Perret.

Voting is an honor and a privillege thousands have fought for us to keep.

KATC Political Analyst Doctor Pearson Cross says, "We the people cast our votes and select those people to represent us and if we don't take that process seriously, if we don't cast that vote, then in fact we're not living up to the expectations the founders had for us."

"We have people at war still fighting for our way of life which is a representative democracy."

With the presidential election this year many people are expected to hit the polls but that's not the only "big" election. Doctor Cross says he expects voter turnout to be close to 61 percent., which is normal in Louisiana.

"2000 we dropped down to 56% but I expect it to be higher than that, but that's not enough. I'd love to see us up where Minnesota is, 77% of voters out and voting. We haven't done that since 1991. I think we should get out and do it!"

Every year the voter registration list is purged. If you didn't vote in the last two federal elections your name may have been removed from the list. To make sure you're set to vote on election day you can contact the Registrar of Voters Office.

Chris Welty



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