May 28, 2012 12:04 AM by Chris Welty

Volunteers React to New Developments in Shunick Case

From the get-go,the search for Mickey Shunick has been a community effort.

A sign of that Sunday night in Downtown Lafayette, where a benefit concert was held. Over the past week we've seen nearly two-thousand volunteers join in the search effort, many of them we also saw out there Sunday at Parc International, still hopeful as investigators make big steps forward in the case.

As hundreds packed Parc International there was a somber mood as headliners took to the stage. Many couldn't help but think of the news from early Sunday morning when Mickey's bike was found.

"We're all human, so we've just got to focus on the positive thoughts. It is a good thing that we found something," said volunteer Cerrisa Couvillion.

Sunday's developments were a step forward in the investigation which was cold for nearly a week, frustrating for the family, investigators but also the countless volunteers.

"As big as the world seems, it is still so small and that's what this has shown me and what the community has shown me. I just pray for the best and her family's strength. I'm sure they will find her soon. they've got to find her," said Couvillion.

"I'm relieved her bike was found and she wasn't. That means she is still alive somewhere. They dumped her bike at the exit so that means she is still somewhere alive," said volunteer Lindsey Wills.

As each and every hour passes the group hopes new clues will lead to Mickey's safe return.

"It's really hard. I'm staying positive, but these feelings keep coming in the back of my mind and I don't want to say them. I don't want to voice them, I don't want them to be true," said Wills.

Chris Welty


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