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Jun 14, 2012 6:19 PM by Steven Albritton

Volunteers Head to Cameron Beaches To Stop Erosion

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is down in Cameron this weekend to help try and add land to the beaches by adding fences. The fences will allow sand washed or blown on shore to accumulate over time and build up sand dunes. This will not help beaches but highly populated cities further inland.

"Without these dunes we're trying to rebuild here today, all that will happen is that you'll have continual erosion. It leaves more highly populated areas exposed to hurricanes, storm surges, and flooding," Restoration Director Hilary Collis said.

One volunteer who has been coming down to the area volunteers because she has seen the area decimated by hurricanes and erosion.

"We lost our home in Rita like so many other people in Holly Beach and we rebuilt. They started the coastal restoration projects and I try to volunteer. I love the fishing and crabbing here, and it's just a wonderful place in Louisiana we need to protect," Kathy Miller said.

This fall, vegetation will be planted at the base of the fences to help with the fight against erosion.

Volunteers will be heading to Cameron through Saturday to help build close to 2 miles of fencing.If you are interested in volunteering visit All equipment will be provided but you must be at least 13 years old and any minors must be accompanied by an adult.

You can also call the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana at 1-888-LACOAST for more information.


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