Jul 31, 2014 10:34 PM by Alex Labat

Viral Photo of Animal Abuse Leads to Case of Mistaken Identity

The Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating what appears to be a case of animal abuse. The pictures, which have been circulating online and have many viewers writing into our newsroom, show a teen holding the body of a dead dog.
Investigators say, according to a tip, the incident may have happened in the Evangeline Parish town of Chataignier, but the case is in it's initial stages.

One man says he's been harassed after being mistaken for the person in the photos. (As an added note, we have chosen not to show the face of the person in the actual photographs, because it is believed he's a minor).

When Phil Fontenot got into work the morning of July 31st, his boss confronted him about an email he'd received from someone overseas, claiming Fontenot had killed a dog.

"My job was threatened this morning. They have told me that I should just rot in hell, I need to rot in a jail cell, I need to be prosecuted. I've also been told that because, allegedly, I've killed an animal, that I'm going to end up killing an animal later on in life," says Fontenot.

Not only did the person look like Fontenot, someone with the exact same name was responding to those commenting on the post.

"You go on Facebook, and this guy's not on Facebook. The only one on Facebook is me," says Fontenot.

Because of that, "this" Phil Fontenot says a case of mistaken identity has led to people threatening him and his livelihood.

"Now I'm not going to say everything about this guy that everyone told to me because that would be hypocritical. But I do feel that justice needs to be served," says Fontenot.

The picture can be seen by clicking here. Warning, it does contain images some may find disturbing.



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