Aug 11, 2011 6:47 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Ville Platte's Chief of Police May Soon Get Twenty Precent Raise

Ville Platte City employees may soon get a pay raise. The biggest recipient would be Chief of Police, Neil Lartigue. Council members are proposing increasing his salary by 20 percent.

Resident, Phillip LaFleur, said "well, I think the chief has done a good job and if anyone deserves a twenty percent raise, it'd be the chief."

Another resident, Joyce Litigue, said "with that job, he needs it."

Ville Platte residents say Chief Lartigue is under-payed and overworked. Mayor Jennifer Vidrine, seems to agree.

Council member, Freddie Jack, said "she prevented it to the council and we went on with it and we agreed to it. Four thousand, I think . It wasn't like we are going to give him a 40 thousand dollar raise."

Jack said the council is also wanting to give a pay raise to 56 city employees.

He said, "our civil service employee's haven't received a raise in a quite some time."

Litigue said it's nice to hear of pay raises, during a time when most people hear of pay cuts...

"It means they are going to work harder," she explained. "They will have more money they are going to spend in Ville Platte."

Jack said, "we have a good surplus of money and we can accommodate those raises."

The council still has to vote on the measure, but all members are in favor.



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