Sep 13, 2011 11:13 PM by Shawn Kline

Ville Platte: Curfew stays... for now

The curfew is still in place in Ville Platte... at least for now.
City council voted to take another look at it next month and possibly get rid of it altogether.

The meeting was the first for weeks. Some Ville Platte councilmen have been holding-out and refusing to attend special meetings to address the city's curfew but there was no holding-out at this meeting as the debate continued.

"Our people want us to keep the curfew," Mayor Jennifer Vidrine said.

Vidrine brought statistics supporting the curfew and urged city council to renew the curfew for 120-days. It's currently brought-up every 60-days.
Her concern was met with a motion but no one to second.

"I would advise the people who live in the districts to get in touch with their councilmen." Vidrine says, "let them know they're in favor of keeping the curfew."

The ordinance requires residents to wear reflective vests or bracelets when walking the streets after 10 o'clock in Ville Platte, but city council will take another look at the ordinance next month. Some councilmen say they may even want to throw it out.

"We'll revisit it and apply it just to that of juveniles," Councilman Freddie Jack said.

Jack says he's received complaints about the ordinance- some residents telling him it restricts their rights.
So he suggests enforcing the ordinance on children under 18.

However, that will wait until next month. For now, everyone is subject to the curfew.



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