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Jul 22, 2012 5:57 PM by Erin Steuber

Video released of Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes

New images and details are emerging about the suspect in one of worst shooting rampages in the nation's history. Video was release showing a then 18-year-old James Holmes speaking in front of his peers at a science camp at Miramar College in San Diego discussing what he calls "Temporal Illusions." This, as the nation as a whole continues to cope with what happened. Holmes appears slightly nervous talking in front of the crowd, he explains Temporal Illusions, saying its an illusion that allows you to change the past. He goes on to explain his mentor's shared interest in fantasy versus reality.
"He also studies subjective experience which is what takes places inside the mind as opposed to the external world. I've carried on his work in dealing with subjective experience," said Holmes.
As new details emerge about Holmes residents of Aurora are still trying to absorb what happened friday night. President Obama was in Colorado to console a grieving community.
"You know, its like who ever thought this wold immediately affect my family? When I see, you know, other shooting and events and you think oh gosh I can't image what those families are going through. And now I can imagine," said Jenny Zokovich, aunt of Micayla Medick, 23-year-old shooting victim.
Here in Acadiana, movie theatres are conducting business as usual. The Grand Theatre spokesperson Kendell Kelton says "Our heart goes out to the victims and families impacted by the terrible events that took place in Aurora, CO. This event reminds us to be ever so vigilant in all places of public assembly. Our staff at the Grand Theatres and AmStar Cinemas continue to be committed to guest safety in our locations and will continue to work closely with our local law enforcement officials to provide for a safe environment for our guests."
According to reports authorities spent Saturday detonating traps found within James Holmes apartment. Holmes is in a county jail, apparently locked up for his own protection. He is due in court on Monday.


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