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Vermilion / Municipal Narcotics Task Force drug busts

Press release from the Vermilon Parish Sheriff's Office:

Dialing the wrong phone number usually ends up with you apologizing to the other party on the line, and possibly wishing them a good day. For a Kaplan woman the wrong call got her locked up for several drug related offenses.

On March 3rd agents with the Vermilion / Municipal Narcotics Task Force were contacted by a concerned citizen explaining to them they had received a strange phone call. The citizen advised agents that an unknown female caller had called their line offering to sell illicit drugs. The agent took the woman's number and made contact with her posing as an interested buyer. Surprisingly the woman agreed to meet with the agent and sell him prescription pills. Once the operative arrived at the location he was met by a female identified as Synthia Grotheer (dob 11/16/77) of Kaplan. Grotheer's vehicle was occupied by her three juvenile children at that time. The operative purchased the suspect drugs and was told that if the undercover agent was interested in more, that she would have some the next day.

On March 4th the agent contacted Grotheer in an attempt to make another purchase. Once again Grotheer agreed to sell the agent several prescription pills. This time upon meeting with Grotheer other Task Force agents moved in and made the arrest. Grotheer had her juvenile daughter with her in the vehicle. Grotheer was taken into custody and charged with distribution of a schedule II narcotic, and possession of a controlled dangerous substance in the presence of a juvenile. Grotheer is also going to be charged with the earlier distribution from March 3rd and charges for the young children being with her at that time also. After interviewing all parties, it was found that Grotheer was using her children's prescription drugs to sell. Upon booking it was found that there were numerous outstanding warrants for Grotheer, along with a probation and parole revocation.

Sheriff Mike Couvillon would like to thank the following persons for their effort in assisting with Task Force personnel. Abbeville Mayor Mark Piazza, Kaplan Mayor Kirk Champagne, Abbeville Chief of Police Tony Hardy and Kaplan Chief Boyd Adams "I realize times are financially tough all over, but the Mayors and Chiefs of these cities are committed to finding the funds to help the Task Force combat the illicit drugs problem that ruins our communities. The people of Vermilion and our children are the benefactors of these city leaders' great efforts. It is my hope that in the near future other towns and cities in the parish of Vermilion will be able to assist in the continuing fight against illicit drugs."

Finally, Sheriff Couvillon would like to applaud the concerned citizens of Vermilion Parish for their awareness and assistance in helping the Sheriff's Office in fighting the war on illegal drugs. He encourages all citizens with information in regards to illegal drug activities to contact the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office or the Vermilion Parish Municipal Narcotics Task Force at 337-740-4501 or E-mail the Task Force anonymously at and your e-mail will be held in the "strictest of confidence" and replied to in a very timely manner.

More information on reporting drug activities can be seen on our Web Site at Click on Task Force for this information.




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