Nov 7, 2011 11:49 PM by Shawn Kline

USPS studies cutting Moss St. location

The US Postal Service looks at cutting positions in Lafayette to save millions. 84 employees could be relocated as early as next spring. It's all part of a proposed nationwide spending cut for the US Postal Service.

"We're losing $23-million each and every day." McKinney Boyd of USPS says, "this study will determine whether it's feasible to close this facility or relocate some of the operations to Baton Rouge."

The post office is here to stay on Moss Street, at least for now. Boyd says USPS is looking at possibly relocating the processing and distribution center (not the post office itself) to Baton Rouge, saving the government agency about $7-million a year.

"What we want to become is a much more efficient, leaner, smarter organization," Boyd said.

In fact, more than 200 locations around the country are on the cutting block, including one in Lafayette and another in New Orleans.

"The postal service will give us the dog and pony show but everyone knows you cannot save money by cutting service," Ted Patterson said.

Patterson and Sonja Henry of American Postal Workers Union say laying-off employees or even moving them a certain distance violates the collective bargaining agreement between workers and USPS.

"With a 50-mile radius in our collective bargaining, they can't make us move." Henry says, "because Baton Rouge is 62-miles away so, what are they going to do?"

USPS says there won't be any lay-offs, but the plan does call for 84 employees to be relocated. It also won't affect delivery times. However, union reps say if the Moss St. center does close, mail could be delayed by days in some places.



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