Sep 14, 2011 11:48 AM by Letitia Walker

Update: Trinity II, Two Local Deaths Reported

Still no update from officials, however the Mexican press is apparently getting updates on the deaths of two New Iberia men who were shipwrecked over the weekend. KATC has found no less than 10 publications with the same information, citing the Deputy of Justice in Carmen. We still have not gotten calls back from the Embassy, Consulate, and Geokinetics despite repeated calls and email exchanges.

According to the Mexican publications, Mexican officials have confirmed the deaths of two New Iberia men following Tropical Storm Nate. The Deputy of Justice in Carmen, Daniel Martínez Morales, said 31-year-old Nicholas Ray Reed died from asphyxia by submersion and 32-yearold Craig Joseph Myers died from shock cardiogenic by severe dehydration and starvation. Both bodies were given to the Consul of the United States based in Yucatán; he'll make sure both would later go on a private flight up the United States.

Also killed was 42-year-old Khan Nadimuzzaman of Bangladesh, who was rescued alive and was admitted unconscious in the hospital of Pemex, and who died several hours later. His cause of death was shock cardiogenic by severe dehydration and starvation.
The missing person has been identified as Aaron Wesley Houweling, of Australia.


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