Oct 9, 2012 10:25 AM by Dave Baker

Update: Jump Cancelled

The historic free fall jump scheduled for today has been cancelled.  Wind speeds were too strong in Roswell, New Mexico to inflate the over sized balloon that would have taken Felix Baumgartner to a height of 120,000 feet before jumping.  Weather conditions are moderately favorable for tomorrow, after Wednesday weather forecasts are not favorable for another try.

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Felix Baumgartner is expected to make his historic free fall jump today from 120,000 feet, breaking a record that has stood for more than a half century.  There have been delays this morning for his lift off as officials are waiting for winds to diminish to less than 3mph.  

If his jump is successful, he may be the first man to break the sound barrier in free fall achieving speeds more than 690mph.  A live stream of the event is on YouTube.


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