Dec 26, 2013 11:28 PM by Kari Beal

Up to 75 percent off after Christmas sales attracts shoppers

Just when you thought people couldn't get enough of shopping, they're at it again. Many hope to get a certain item they didn't receive under the tree. Retail stores know this well and are counting on it. Sales are down 3 percent this year according to ShopperTrak. In hopes to make a come back, stores are offering sales up to 75 percent off. These deals brought hundreds out to do some shopping Thursday.

"We were trying to get all the Christmas sales because we know the prices are better," said Lakeshea Logan

Shoppers snatched all sorts of bargains. Shopper Anne Cormier said she got many items 50 percent off and shopper Celeste Dore said the same.

"I bought two pairs of jeans, they were on sale for $16 and usually their $36," said Dora.

According to these women hit the jackpot. Apparel is the most heavily discounted item during the post-Christmas season. But it wasn't just clothes that people found on sale.

"Today I bought an infinity lamp. It was regular price $50 and I got it for $20," said Makoisha Broussard

Broussard said she thinks there's better deals after Christmas and she even marked the day after Christmas in her calendar.

"I definitely prepared for it, I knew it was coming so I took off work," said Broussard.

Now that Christmas shopping is done, many are excited to spend their holiday cash. Dore and her friend bought matching outfits for her birthday this month.

Many of these stores have deals through Sunday so it's best to check your local flyer to see what other sales you can get. has a full list of the best items to buy after Christmas online here.

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