May 11, 2014 5:22 PM by Daniel Phillips

Unsettled Weather for First Half of the Week

Summer is right around the corner, in fact judging by the weather pattern we've seen the last few days it may already be here. 

Spring weather is often defined by its easily defined cold fronts that come sweeping across the area. 

The front we will be dealing with this upcoming week will not be one of those easily defined spring time fronts. 

Low pressure that has been swirling through the Rockies, bringing some areas some late spring snowfall, will be on the move this week. 

Dragging with it a very slow moving front that will more then likely stall just outside of Louisiana, bringing extended rainfall through parts of Texas and keeping Acadiana very unsettled. 

Winds will be breezy out of the south as they ride up along the frontal boundary and with an increasing amount of moisture afternoon showers for the next several days will be more regular. 

Best moisture levels have been trending westward over the last few days so it could be the western half of the state that sees the highest amount of rain. 

Since there is no clearly defined force behind the rain, the showers and storms will be pop-up in nature and most of them heat driven. 

Meaning early afternoon will be when the showers start, with them mostly ending once the sun goes down. 

The front should kick out by Wednesday evening, which will allow high pressure to dry us out Wednesday night with a much easier forecast for the end of the week. 


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