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Oct 25, 2012 7:14 PM by Jenise Fernandez

University of Phoenix Lafayette Campus is Closing

The Lafayette campus of the University of Phoenix is one of more than a hundred nationwide closing its doors. Thirteen thousand students will be affected by this. That's about 4-percent of its student body nationwide. The university is also laying off about 800 employees nationwide, 16 employees will be laid off throughout Louisiana. Along with the Lafayette campus, the Covington and Shreveport campuses will also close. Baton Rouge and Meitaire campuses will stay open.

Students currently enrolled at the University of Phoenix, Lafayette campus will be able to finish their degrees. The campus is no longer accepting any new students. Current students also don't have to worry about any tuition increases.

"Our graduation teams are reaching out to students affected, to talk about their options," said Flynn.

Spokesperson for the university, Tanya Flynn, says they plan to "phase out" the Lafayette campus along with 114 others. This means the campus will close, once the last student has graduated. Enrolled students have the option of continuing with face-to-face instruction or switching to online courses.

"The way our program works is one class a week for four hours. Some students may choose to travel to Baton Rouge, but we will have options available locally," said Flynn.

As far as who may be laid off from the Lafayette campus, Flynn says it is still unclear at this time.

"It's not decided at this point, but we're trying to figure out what's best for our students and staff. Those conversations are happening right now," she added.

Flynn says the university is closing campuses with the least amount of students. The Lafayette campus currently has 250 students.

"We chose the campus based on student dynamics. A lot of these students prefer to finish their degrees online," said Flynn.



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