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May 8, 2011 12:06 AM by Chris Welty

Unique Tradition at Crawfish Festival

Crawfish-lovers from all over are pouring into Breaux Bridge this weekend for the annual Crawfish Festival. KATC'S Chris Welty was there and gives us a closer look at one of the festivals unique traditions.

Music, dancing, and of course good food. A similar scene at any festival, including the Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge. Dozens of people came out to cheer on and hoping their hardshell friend would claw their way across the finish-line in the annual crawfish races.

"This is a one time a year thing."

An annual event that for seven years Meagan Clay and her family take very seriously.

"We won the first time and we all said 'mais we gonna do this again.' We have fun. It's a family oriented event and everybody enjoys it."

According to Byron Blanchard, Treasurer of the Crawfish Festival, the races are very challenging and a lot of gambling takes place. Organizers say that this was one of the largest races that they've had in years with nearly forty participants, and those that we spoke with say this is something that you will only see here in South Louisiana.

"It's very unique. It's very fun, very challenging, and very exciting too," says Blanchard.

The competitive spirt though has some participants questioning how the Clay's crawfish continue to win.

"There is a lot of spite going on and everybody is upset that he keeps winning."

We tried to find out Clay's secret to raising award winning crustaceons, but no luck.

"It's a secret with us. It's a big secret. Everybody says we give our crawfish steroids, or train them."

"That's what everybody thinks, but they were drug tested, steroids, hair was examined. everything was fine. nothing out of the ordinary."

Chris Welty



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