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Aug 6, 2011 11:39 PM by Chris Welty

Unique Surprise Wedding

Summer is of course prime time for weddings, and it's probably fair to say most grooms don't take the lead when it comes to wedding planning.

That was definitely the case Saturday for one Acadiana groom who knew he was getting married, but he just didn't know when.

"Sterling and I met about three years ago at New Orleans Bike Week."

Ever since a friend introduced Sterling and Kenisha Bourgeois, they've practically been inseparable. At the time, Kenisha lived in Florida, but was offered a job in Louisiana. Since that move, their relationship has grown into a life-long commitment.

"I wanted to surprise him. He originally thought we were having an outside wedding followed by a tea party," said Kenisha.

And surprise him she did, Sterling thought he was going with a friend to look at a motorcycle before tieing the knot, but his fiance had other plans.

"Until I saw my mom and my family, I was clueless. I was blown away," said Sterling.

Not only did the couple's closest family and friends show up, but tourist and customers couldn't help but be a part of the ceremony.

"We actually started to leave and we started to head toward Houston, but we started talking about it and I said, I think we are crazy to leave, we've got to go back. When are we going to see a wedding in a Harley Davidson store again," said Louisa Hayward.

Though this was a first, it's one surprise the bride is glad she pulled off.

"I've had to hide e-mails and delete text messages."

It took Kenisha about four and a half weeks to plan the wedding, and Cajun Harley Davidson plans to offer wedding packages in the future.

Chris Welty



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