Feb 13, 2014 6:43 PM by Alex Labat

UL Grad student overcoming major obstacles to support family

Jordan McGee is one busy 23-year-old.

"Working around classes, and school, and I ran track for UL; sometimes it can get really tough," says McGee.

He's got a big family and an even bigger heart, but he's is now facing huge hurdles.
This 23-year-old, graduate student, who also works as a sales rep, is his family's breadwinner. He supports eight people while his parents are out of work.

"Whoever needed help or whoever wanted to come by, they're always welcome to come and get their mouth fed. And if they needed support I'd do my best," says McGee.

The young professional is already making big waves, but almost all of it goes back to his loved ones.

"This past spring, I remember not even having enough money to buy a scantron for my final," says McGee.

After losing his sister, Angelle, in January, he's working even harder to provide a good life for her son, and the rest of his family.

"Whenever Angelle passed away, it pulled our family together, and it's going to make some of us stronger. I've learned no matter how much money that I can make, it's more of a matter of keeping the family together," says McGee.

Friends of the family have created a "Go Fund Me" page for to raise money for funeral expenses and other costs. CLICK HERE FOR THE PAGE.

Angelle Smith died in a car accident two weeks ago. She leaves behind a six-month-old son.



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