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Oct 8, 2012 10:52 PM by Steven Albritton

UL Fans Irritated Backpacks Used As Diaper Bags Not Allowed In

Saturday's homecoming game was supposed to be a fun event for all, but for some it turned into a hassle just to get in. Fans carrying baby supplies in backpacks had to empty the supplies and weren't allowed to bring the backpack into the game.

"Everyone was really upset, I mean, You carry a backpack so you can carry more stuff it's easy to carry. Everyone's trying to take all this stuff out and then you had to throw your backpack over the fence. And hoping that it's going to be there when the game is over," Abby Reed said.

The disappointment was expressed on Facebook by many fans saying they were "Completely disgusted by the experience," and others mentioned it had also happened at other games. The entry rules posted online say diaper bags are allowed, but backpacks are not. Assistant Athletics Director of Internal Operations, John Dugas says common sense needs to be used by those working at the gates. UL is already taking steps to correct the issue. The rules they have in place are similar or identical to other stadiums across the country. Dugas wants to make sure the public is educated on the rules. With the Cajun football team improving yearly, the attraction of more fans has kept them continually adding staff and adjusting rules to accommodate the larger crowd.

"We're adding police officers and educating our staff more. We're also going to have a bag check supervisor that will make the final call on anyone being turned away," Dugas said.

For Abby Reed this one incident won't keep her and her son from attending future games.

"I love my Cajuns. I love Coach Hud and we'll always be there but I guess without a backpack!"



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