Aug 31, 2014 1:50 AM by Valerie Ponseti

UL Fans Brave the Weather to Tailgate

Tonight was the kick off of the tailgating and football season at Cajun Field. UL took on the Southern Jaguars for the season opener this year.

All of the die hard Ragin' Cajun fans were out braving the weather today, and most of them say they wouldn't have it any other way.

"Rain, sleet, or snow, here we go," said

"Monsoon, thunderstorm, hurricane, typhoon we don't care, we're here," said

Not only has the rain brought UL fans together to get pumped for the game, but fans from opposite teams took refuge in one tent to gear up for the game.

"We just started talking and found out that they were waiting to try and set up over there. So we told them to just come see if they can try to come set up here with us," said UL fan, Ron Lemaire.

Both men say they're happy they set their differences aside and joined forces.

"They befriended us and offered us shelter and we came in and we're enjoying ourselves and we're having fun before the game," said Southern fan, Terry Holden.

"Seems like it's going to work out pretty good," said Lemaire.

But one thing they can't agree on is the outcome of the game.

"we're going to win," said Holden of Southern.

"UL's going to win. There's no question. I don't care what he says, there's no question," said Lemaire about UL.

UL took the win over the Southern University Jaguars tonight 45-6.



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