Nov 19, 2013 11:40 PM by Steven Albritton

UL Engineering Students Successfully Launch Second Satellite Into Orbit

It was a night of watching and waiting at UL Tuesday night, where engineering students culminated five years of building their own satellite into a rocket launch with the aid of NASA. Around 35 people showed up to the engineering building on campus to watch more history be made. After a successful launch of C.A.P.E. years ago, it was time to take it to the next level with C.A.P.E.-2.

"It's a great experience. Anything I do after this I owe to this organization and this university," C.A.P.E.-2 member Caleb Pellerin said.

Leading up to lift off was the nervous wait. Always in the back of these students minds was the thought of what could go wrong.

"I'm really excited, but there is always that little bit of worry," sophomore Sabrina Bradley-Powell said.

When the moment of truth came the room fell silent, but cheers soon filled the room with the successful launch of the rocket carrying their prized possession. Even with that successful launch, another period of waiting. They crew had to wait 90 anxious minutes for the rocket, traveling 17,500 mph and 400 miles in the high, to come back into range. The crew furiously typed at computers and turned radio knobs before they heard the confirming sound. No big applause like before, but instead relief. Five years of work to get this satellite, the size of a Rubix cube, in flight, is circling the earth in working order and ready to take it's first command...

"We're going to play with it. We're going to explore," Pellerin said.



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