Aug 13, 2014 9:44 PM by Alex Labat

UHC Celebrates One Year Mark After LGMC Takeover

University Hospital and Clinics is celebrating one year of service. The takeover of the former University Medical Center was all a part of Governor Jindal's push to privatize the university run health care system. Before the change, the hospital was on the brink of closing after Governor Jindal announced budget cuts to the public hospital system back in 2012.
Now, the staff at UHC has 365 reasons to celebrate.
"So for us to see this come to fruition and to see the changes we've made over this past year is so gratifying," says Lafayette General Medical Center President and CEO David Callecod.
UHC CEO Jared Stark says the hospital is thriving, thanks to the heart his employees put into their work.
"It's one thing to provide the service. It's another thing to provide an excellent service," says Stark.
Stark goes on to say they've been able to bring back programs like Orthopedics and Pediatrics, and UHC has increased their staff to over 700 people. Now, with the one year mark out of the way, Stark says they're focused on bringing even more services to patients.
"I think that one of the things that we have an opportunity to do is to communicate better with our patients. As we continue to make these changes, sometimes we don't do a great job communicating with our patients about those changes and how it benefits them. And how they can enjoy the positive changes that have come about," says Stark.


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