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May 21, 2014 7:16 PM by Ashlea Bullington

Two New Business Programs Coming to UL in the Fall

The UL Board of Regents approved two business programs to the Moody School of Business earlier today. These programs are not your normal college programs, they are called certificate programs. Certificate programs are not the length of a normal degree, but give the student a recognizable background in that field of study.

UL will add the Business Certificate, which will require 15 hours of MBA classes and a Bachelor's degree. This certificate can be done online. After this certificate is earned, the student has the option to complete the full 35 hour MBA Business program.

The second program is a Certificate in Accounting, also known as a 'Baccalaureate' certificate. This certificate is 27 hours of undergraduate level accounting classes. Earning this certificate also qualifies recipients to sit in on the CPA exam.

These Certificate programs target professionals who have moved into the business field and don't have a degree in that particular discipline of business.

"These programs are designed for someone who is not a business major, but that is what they are doing all of the sudden," said MBA Director Bob Viguerie.

With the Board of Regents passing these programs today, they will be offered in Fall 2014.



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