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Oct 18, 2012 6:54 PM by Kristen Holloway

Two New Additions to Health Care

Acadiana now has the capability to respond to a large-scale emergency event. Two new additions to health care have been added since Hurricane Katrina moved through in 2005. All of the hospitals in Acadiana have come together to provide better service in the event of a regional disaster.
they say the surge tent and temporary morgue unit is another major step to staying prepared for the worst.
"After Katrina, we recognize the need for some additional assets in all of the regions not just ours," said Anjanette Herbert Region 4 Coordinator.
The surge tent will work like an emergency room and it will offer climate control to help make the entire unit work like a real surface hospital. The mobile morgue would serve in the event of mass casualties and long term power outages.
"It will have capabilities to take care of initial trauma say associated with a disaster or tornado or anything like that. we're talking cuts scraps bruises," said Terry Broussard Assistant Vice President of Patient Care Services.
Officials say the surge tent can be put up anywhere there is a need.
This tent can be deployed by any hospital during any major disaster that causes an overflow surge of patients. The hope is they'll never have to use it but the goal is to prevent congestion in emergency rooms and hospitals.
"This will reduce anxiety and keep peace of mind. The ability to be seen by a caregiver, nurse or doctor quickly is something that I think brings comfort to people," said Herbert.
The surge tent will be kept at Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center but will be available to be deployed to any facility in the region where there is a need.


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